December 5th, 2010
Save as WWF, save a tree.

We all know graphic designers use a lot of paper and create a lot of paper waste. As a young graphic design agency we try to reduce our paper use as much as possible. We recycle as much of our paper waste as we can, and we send our clients PDFs rather than paper flats of our designs. A new file format created in Germany by an advertising agency may help us reduce our paper use and our clients paper use even further.

The SaveasWWF website says “About 13 million hectares of forest disappear each year, an area the size of Greece, Every minute, important habitats for plants and animals such as orang-utans and elephants are cut down. Each tree that’s cut down means that another layer of environmental protection is lost. So to stop unnecessary printing and encourage a new awareness about the use of paper, we’ve developed a new, green file format: WWF. A format that can’t be printed out. A simple idea that saves trees. Join in. Decide for yourself which of your documents don’t need printing – and save them as WWF.”

A simple yet effective idea. PDFs have long had the ability to prohibit printing, many clients may have thought this was due to copyright of graphics etc. They may not have thought it was simply a way to reduce the needless use of printing. Printable PDFs will always have their place in graphic design but I can imagine this new format will gain a big following.


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