December 3rd, 2010
Linotype: The Film

An incredible amount of people have backed and pledged their money to see Linotype: The Film being created. They have been pledging their money through the Kicksarter website, which I mentioned here before, raising over $16,000 over double the amount asked for. The director, Doug Wilson, has a background in Graphic Design and Letter Press Printing. So it is no wonder he has such an interest in this topic. Letterpress printing and the more hands on approach to graphic design is something that is making a real comeback in this otherwise digitally produced world.

Its hard to believe that these machines, and ones similar to it, were once used to create every piece of printed material and graphics. In this day and age, where every kind of design needed can be created on a 15inch laptop, I feel people are starting to look back at the past and the craftsmanship needed to produce good graphic design. It will be great to see the movie in its finished form, and even better to get it in Birmingham. I for one dont know everything involved in using this machine and it will be really insightful to find out more.


December 1st, 2010

Its the 1st of December, we can talk about christmas now. And we just love these postcards from PostGarden. Really cool pop-up postcard which comes with seeds for watering.

Found via the website Holycool, you can buy them direct from the PostGarden website here: