January 3rd, 2011
GVA Studio.

Really love the graphic design being produced by GVA¬†Studio. GVA Studio are a graphic design agency based in Switzerland, established in 2004, they are a creative agency that work on a broad range of private and institutional clients.¬†’We at GVA Studio take pleasure letting the most basic things that surround us capture our imagination. With no preconceived restrictions and with a confidence that uncovering what is hidden beneath will bring us a certain pleasure. Our team makes up for its small size by opening its doors to others. Our pleasure to create. Your pleasure to enjoy.’

The above posters are taken from their personal work entitled ‘Music Cover Inspired’. They are graphic designers who put a lot of time and effort into their personal work and personal design projects. Personal projects really do help develop a design agency and free up their creativity. And its definitely something we want to start developing for ourselves too.

For more work by GVA visit their website http://gvastudio.com


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