April 28th, 2011
Motion Graphics. Phone Evolution

Everyone remembers their first mobile phone fondly. It is very easy to forget just how far we have come in a relatively short period of time. In this video Vodaphone uses some great 3D projection techniques to illustrate the evolution of mobile phones. From the huge brick phones through to the small smart phone that does everything.

This was my first phone. The Mitsubishi Trium Geo! It was a sturdy build, I lost count the amount of times it dropped… and once I threw it like a Frisbee, it never broke!


April 25th, 2011
Dark Matters

Pretty interesting clip, using analogue techniques to achieve digital effects. Dark Matters created this simply using strings and nails.

Find out more about Dark Matters on their website: http://www.darkmatters.dk/
Found via the website: http://www.changethethought.com/


April 20th, 2011
Sooner or Later It All Comes Down

Awesome series of images from Via Grafik. A graphic design and art agency based in Germany.  The black blocks look so solid yet they seem to float, as if filled with helium. They look almost like Tetris blocks about to fall. Great work, this installation piece was created for Names festival in Praha.

Found via the website: http://thefoxisblack.com

Check out mor art work by Via Grafik on their own website.


April 19th, 2011

We just love this video by Mudlevel.

Check out more of his videos on the Vimeo channel here: http://vimeo.com/mudlevel

Found via the website: http://www.syntheastwood.com/


April 18th, 2011
Wim Crouwel.

Dezeen have uploaded an interview with Wim Crouwel onto their Vimeo Channel. Be sure to check out both parts.


April 15th, 2011

We really like these subversive road signs and branding projects coming from TrustoCorp. Great graphic style and really creative outcomes. Although not much is known about TrustoCorp, we do know he/she/they are based in New York. They are “dedicated to highlighting the hyporcrisy and hilarity of human behaviour through sarcasm and satire.” TrustoCorp also place their rebranded goods in to stores under the noses of their unsuspecting proprietors.

Check out the website.


April 14th, 2011

Pretty amazing images of ghosts. Captured using new graphic techniques, these images are part of the 12:31 project. The story goes in 1993 a convicted murderer was executed, his body was given to science, segmented and photographed for medical research. In 2011 this project aims to put his body back together.

Check out the 12:31 project website for more information. And to see how they captured these images: http://www.project1231.com

Check out the website.


April 13th, 2011
Drive Now. Branding

To start in Munich then Berlin, BMW and Sixt AG, have created an innovative new car sharing venture. The two companies intend to join forces in offering a modern mobility concept under the brand-name DriveNow. Cars dotted around the city can be found using smart phones and laptops.

The user can then book a car, or if one is free jump in there and then. The car is unlocked using a registered driving licence and a special code. The user can then drop the car off wherever they want as there are now parking charges.

“The BMW Group will be offering DriveNow under the new sub-trademark BMW i, which stands for innovative mobility services and which will reinforce the position of the original BMW brand as a sustainable and forward-looking brand.”

Its great to see such a big brand as BMW really think of new and innovative ways to make life easier for commuters. Both the product and the brand have global appeal. By the year 2020, the plan is for DriveNow to have one million members worldwide. All the cars are easily recognisable with the DriveNow logo and branding.

Found via the website: http://unconsumption.tumblr.com/

You can read more about the project here: http://www.bmwblog.com


April 12th, 2011
We like our branding

We like our branding, we like our stripeyhorses, we like our zebras and we love these images! As we said before we like to MIX IT UP.

These images are from the C.A.V.E Gallery. Found via the website: http://www.woostercollective.com


April 11th, 2011
Idea Execution & The Creative Process

Really great article about the Creative process and the generation and execution of ideas. There are interviews and videos from the fore-runners in creative fields. Such people as, Daniel Pink who talks about The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Steve Jobs: Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last and Michael Wolff, one of the foremost brand designers in the world Don’t Overvalue Your Experience.

Found via the website: http://the99percent.com


April 8th, 2011
Brave. Branding Agency

We came across this branding project recently for a film festival held in St.Kilda, Australia. This branding project was created by Brave, a graphic design agency in Melbourne. We just love the simplicity of it, the colours used and the humour throughout. “Over 3 years we have built up the St Kilda Film Festival brand and elevated its positioning and exposure. It’s now Australia’s premier short film festival. In 2010 our hero was a dark and moody creature of the night.”

Found via the website: http://www.septemberindustry.co.uk


April 7th, 2011
Is This A Good Time

Very interesting clip featuring Michael Wolff discussing the topic Is This A Good Time For Creativity? He believes it is always a good time for creativity, and inspiration is a difficult thing to describe.

Starting in the 1970’s with the creative rise of Wolff Olins, his career in design has included the creation of some of the most iconic and well known brands of the late 20th century. Wolff Olins are a leading brand agency who have worked with such clients as Sony and the London Olympics 2012. They help clients capture their brand idea, devise the best brand architecture, and manage their brand for maximum impact.

In the Nineties he started working as an independent consultant creative director where he worked on creating the Labour Party rose, as well as developing the strategic creation of the Citi identity for Citigroup.

Found via the website: http://www.davidairey.com


April 6th, 2011
PureReversal. By Build

Nice little clip by the agency Build. It shows the letter-block creation of Pure, a new type face for Nokia. It was designed by Bruno Magg the acclaimed typographer. The function of the new typeface also extends to provide versatility during translations across different alphabets, which is especially important for a global brand like Nokia.

Found via: http://designtaxi.com


April 5th, 2011
The Strange Planet.

Our branding reflects our taste perfectly, we love strange animals. We like to see the mixing of animals together. These animals are part of The Strange Planet range, by The Good Machinery. They are cool and available to buy from the Etsy shop. Any of them would look great in our studio.

You can buy them from the website: http://www.etsy.com

Found via http://www.designworklife.com/


April 5th, 2011
Just in Time.

A book printed through a printing chain made of four desktop printers using four different colors and technologies dated from 1880 to 1976.

Check out more images from this project here: http://www.xavierantin.fr/archive/Just-In-Time/

Found via the website: http://inspire.2ia.pl


April 4th, 2011

Came across these cross-stitch patterns the other day. I just love them. Pretty subversive.

Found on the website: http://www.subversivecrossstitch.com


April 1st, 2011
Eine. Graphic Art

We love these images. Eine creates huge graphic pieces, his use of typography and bright colours really set him apart from other graphic street artists. He is one of the hardest working and most prolific street artists working today. One of his recent works VANDALISM, poses the brilliant question which Local Councils up and down the country are asking, should this work stay up? Has any of his work been done in Birmingham?

Via the website: http://verynearlyalmost.com/

To buy some of his work visit the website: http://www.nellyduff.com