May 24th, 2011
5 Handy Hints and Tips to Get the most from your Website – Part II

Today’s blog is all about how to win clients and build profitability – not just by looking fantastic, but by working hard behind-the scenes. So take a look through and if you have any questions, give us a call!

Search Engine Optimisation

A blog is great for helping with SEO – keep it regularly updated with interesting, relevant articles and incorporate keywords for maximum effect! It’s these industry- specific words that help you rise organically when users look for your product or service. But beware of link farms – Google knows if you’re cheating. Take a look at this blog for some simple SEO tips courtesy of Hubspot:


A fantastic tool for monitoring traffic, Google Analytics is free to download and provides you with a wealth of information! See where your users come from, evaluate how effective your marketing campaigns are and see how many hits you get month by month. With all this information on hand, you’ll learn exactly how to drive traffic to your site, and keep it there!

Eye Mapping

A clever technique dating all the way back to the 1800’s, eye mapping helps you understand where your users eye goes in the 7 seconds they spend on your home page! That’s right – just 7 seconds! Use eye mapping to give you a head start. Make sure your taglines hook, your logo impresses and your copy is captivating!

Converting traffic to sales

This is an easy one: if you look like you care about your business, your users will too. Make sure your website looks professional and appeals to your target market. Keep your copy concise and focus interest on your product or service. Want to know more? Check out these tips from BestRank:

Don’t be Flash!

Google won’t read Flash so use it with care – too much on your site will mean you lose out on rankings. The right amount however, can really set you apart. In fact, we’re a bit partial to Flash ourselves – as you can see from the musical horse on our home page!

For some more free tips on how to maximise your online marketing take a look at this online article from The Telegraph: It provides some great links to free advice and tools to keep your business a success!

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