June 2nd, 2011
De-Nile: Not just a river in Egypt

The power of language – brilliantly used by political protestors in Egypt. Also an interesting point raised by Neil Taylor of The Writer.

Neil reckons ‘business ideas live in words as well as images’ – a view we’d support as branding experts.

From Aborigines to the Ten Commandments, he illustrates how the right brand language can influence, direct, encourage and get results – both negative and positive! (For an example of how not to use brand language, watch a few episodes of The Office…)

Neil also raises some interesting differences between the brand language of Microsoft and Apple that are worth a look, courtesy of Wordle.

It’s an interesting topic, showing that branding isn’t just about visual identity. It’s about culture, character, personality and talking to your target market in the best possible way.

Check out his fascinating talk at http://www.economistconferences.co.uk/video/big-rethink-2011/5491


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