July 20th, 2011
Letterpress Poster Design

Really nice video on the creation of a Letterpress poster.


May 17th, 2011
Magazine Design

Pretty great resource for any editorial designers out there, or anyone just into great magazine graphics. Coverjunkie, a website dedicated to showcasing the best of creativity in the world of cover design. It does not show every cover in the world just the ones with well thought out design or amazing graphics.

Check out more magazine covers on the website: http://www.coverjunkie.com/


April 6th, 2011
PureReversal. By Build

Nice little clip by the agency Build. It shows the letter-block creation of Pure, a new type face for Nokia. It was designed by Bruno Magg the acclaimed typographer. The function of the new typeface also extends to provide versatility during translations across different alphabets, which is especially important for a global brand like Nokia.

Found via: http://designtaxi.com


March 7th, 2011
Alphabloks. Motion Graphics

ALPHABLOKS – Motion Typography from Colin Evoy Sebestyen on Vimeo.

Pretty cool motion graphic animation by Colin Evoy Sebestyen. He left a nice explanation of this piece on his Vimeo channel.

For more of his motion graphic work check out his vimeo channel: http://vimeo.com/movecraft

Found via the website: http://blog.hellopanos.co.uk


March 3rd, 2011
Ian Edward Prentice. Graphic designer

Some really nice typographic and graphic design work by Ian Edward Prentice. A final year graphic design student in Leeds College of Art.

Check out more of Ians work on his website, which has a nice minimal feel, http://ianep.co.uk


January 27th, 2011
Never Use More Than Two Different Typefaces.

This is the fifth book in the Ridiculous Design Rules series by Anneloes van Gaalen. I have never come across this set of books before, but they look really nice,  and have a sense of humour. For each of the 51 rules covered in each book, Van Gaalen refers to quotes by famous fellow designers, who either think there is something to the rule or have made a personal variation of it. Whether you agree with them or not, the Ridiculous Design books sharpen your own thoughts about the rules and the assumed truths of design, advertising, fashion, photography and the Internet. Each rule is convincingly illustrated, with the illustrations either confirming or disproving the rule in question.

Other titles in this series of graphic design books include:

Never Use White Type on a Black Background and 50 other Ridiculous Design Rules
The Medium is the Message and 50 other Ridiculous Advertising Rules
Never Leave The House Naked and 50 other Ridiculous Fashion Rules
Never Use Pop Up Windows and 50 other Ridiculous Web Rules

Check out the website here: http://www.ridiculousrules.com, where you can also buy the book.

Found via the website: http://swisslegacy.com


January 14th, 2011
Gavillet & Rust

Some really fantastic graphic design coming from Gavillet & Rust. They are a graphic design agency based in Switzerland, focusing on editorial design, and brand identities. Producing some really beautiful books they also developed the digitial type foundry Optimo.

Check out there website here: http://www.gavillet-rust.com/

Found via the website: Aimizm


December 17th, 2010
The Week In Type

From 2011 ‘the week in type’ will be returning to the I Love Typography blog. It is a weekly round up of net type releases, lettering and typographic posters to inspire and tips on getting the best out of your typography.

It features things such as Typograph, shown above, a very useful little tool for web typography.

This feature is well worth a look. Check it out in more detail on the I Love Typography website.


December 14th, 2010
Hello Couture. Graphic Posters.

A really nice set of poster designs by Ryan Atkinson for Hello Couture. Really nice use of typography and photographs.

Check out more of Ryans portfolio on the Behance Network, he has a very nice minimal Swiss feel to his work.

Found via the website http://www.aisleone.net, which is a great graphic design resource.


December 7th, 2010
Shop Vac. Type motion graphics.

Pretty cool motion graphics piece. There is a lot of very quick transitions here, really well done! The designer estimates that it took between 500-1000 hours!

Check out the video and rate it on the designers You Tube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/jmheather


December 3rd, 2010
Linotype: The Film

An incredible amount of people have backed and pledged their money to see Linotype: The Film being created. They have been pledging their money through the Kicksarter website, which I mentioned here before, raising over $16,000 over double the amount asked for. The director, Doug Wilson, has a background in Graphic Design and Letter Press Printing. So it is no wonder he has such an interest in this topic. Letterpress printing and the more hands on approach to graphic design is something that is making a real comeback in this otherwise digitally produced world.

Its hard to believe that these machines, and ones similar to it, were once used to create every piece of printed material and graphics. In this day and age, where every kind of design needed can be created on a 15inch laptop, I feel people are starting to look back at the past and the craftsmanship needed to produce good graphic design. It will be great to see the movie in its finished form, and even better to get it in Birmingham. I for one dont know everything involved in using this machine and it will be really insightful to find out more.


November 16th, 2010
Huge type. Typography

HUGE TYPE.Interesting type project by Barbara Kruger at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

The installation ‘past / present / future’ is part of the current exhibition. By addressing its history, the spatial and temporal conditions of the unfinished building and the ways in which artists use, occupy and animate museum spaces, ‘taking place’ shows works by local, national and international contemporary artists,who range from well-known and established figures to emerging artists. The renovated gallery spaces on the ground and upper floors of the building, ultimately designated for the presentation of the museum’s collection of 19th- to 21st-century painting, are for this occasion used in an innovative and experimental way that takes advantage of their current state.


November 15th, 2010
Daft Punk. Motion Graphics

Really nice motion graphics I spotted today. Nice simple idea that was executed  really well.


November 9th, 2010
the making of acorde. type design

Really interesting post about the design process of developing a new font. This font is called Acorde and was designed by Stefan Willerstorfer. This font has been in development for five years and according to its designer “it is a reliable workhorse for large, demanding design projects. The typeface’s name is derived from a corporate design typeface. However, Acorde is not only suitable for corporate design programmes but for information design and editorial design too”. The font consists of 14 different styles with 925 glyphs designed for each set.

Go to the website http://ilovetypography to read more about the development of this type design. I would love to use it one day in some graphic work.


November 8th, 2010
jessica hische. type graphics.

Love the graphic treatment of text in these images. Created by Jessica Hische, a graphic artist and illustrator working in New York. A very talented graphic designer, love her work and her website.

Check out more of her graphics on her website http://jessicahische.com


November 3rd, 2010
alex trochut. type designer

A video from Gestalten featuring Alex Trochut an Illustrator and Graphic Designer. He does a lot of graphics for big name companies such as Adidas, New York Times and Coke. He creates beautiful typographic based posters and adverts.

Chek out the video on the Gestalten website here http://www.gestalten.com/motion/alex-trochut


October 28th, 2010
oil and water do not mix. poster design

It seems as though every design blog is posting about the new poster design by Anthony Burrill. These posters are a limited edition of 200. The prints were made using oil washed up on the beaches of Louisiana. It is hard to believe that such a disaster was ever allowed to happen. But these posters would look great in any design studio. Anthony is a graphic designer working in Kent, his print works and illustrations are well worth a look, love his new motion graphics for the music videos too.


September 21st, 2010
dance font. typography design

Looking at type from a different graphic perspective. This is a great font design. And really nice photograph of it in use. Designed by a graphic designer by the name of Miguel Ramirez. We interact with type so many times a day without ever realising it. Like good graphic design most type passes us by un-noticed. It is not until we see a project like the one above that we begin to think of type as being very important in our daily lives. 

Check out for of his graphics and illustrations and logo designs on his website here


September 14th, 2010

Alphabattle, nice open source project on Lettercult. Some really nice graphic design and illustrated letters of the alphabet, lots of nice stuff on here.

Check out the website http://www.lettercult.com/


September 5th, 2010
music philosophy

Nice poster and graphic design project by Mico, a designer who likes music and typography.  Check out more of his posters and designs at http://www.musicphilosophy.co.uk and you can submit your favourite song lyric too!

Found via holidaymatinee