December 19th, 2011
Banksy’ Cardinal Sin

banksy sculpture design

Banksy has given the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool an early Christmas present of a new sculpture. The piece titled Cardinal Sin is a comment on the scandals that hit the Church along with the subsequent cover–ups.

Banksy had sawn off the face of an 18th Century replica stone bust and replaced it with bathroom tiles, in order to replicate the pixilation newspapers use to protect identities.

“It’s a huge coup and we are sure his work will spark a reaction with visitors.” said Reyahn King, director of art galleries at National Museums Liverpool.

Banksy requested that the piece be put on display alongside the art galleries period collection.

Via the Guardian website.

We have posted more about Banksy here.


December 12th, 2011
Millions and millions of dots

Yes we have been bad of late, with not posting cool graphic design on here, but we will be better. For now check this video out! Pretty unbelievable, I dont know too much about the artist except he has a lot of patience! Great little motion design!

Found via the 9gag website


August 1st, 2011
Design studio mate

Say hello to our new design studio mate. I think we have just named him Frank.

Huge thanks to Lisa and all at Inkygoodness. We will give him a good home.


July 20th, 2011
Totem Love at Zellig!

graphic art at zellig in the Custard Factory

We are really looking forward to the Character Totem homecoming show tomorrow night (27th of July 2011) in Zellig at the Custard Factory. We got to have a quick look yesterday morning before set up was finished and it is already looking great! We have never seen so much colour in one exhibition.

It promises to be a great night with live music, live drawing, stalls and beer! What more can you ask for?

The show itself is brought to us by Inkygoodness, after a successful trip to Berlin, they wanted to bring it home. The Inkygoodness mission is to showcase new and emerging talent in illustration, character design and lowbrow art. They have been organising shows since 2008, having a number of events across the UK. Most recently Berlin; debuting their first international exhibition as part of the Pictoplasma Character Walk earlier this year.

Tomorrow night will also be the launch of Issue 7 of AMMO magazine. So make sure you come down, join in and have a drink!

Check out more from Inkygoodness on their website:


April 20th, 2011
Sooner or Later It All Comes Down

Awesome series of images from Via Grafik. A graphic design and art agency based in Germany.  The black blocks look so solid yet they seem to float, as if filled with helium. They look almost like Tetris blocks about to fall. Great work, this installation piece was created for Names festival in Praha.

Found via the website:

Check out mor art work by Via Grafik on their own website.


April 15th, 2011

We really like these subversive road signs and branding projects coming from TrustoCorp. Great graphic style and really creative outcomes. Although not much is known about TrustoCorp, we do know he/she/they are based in New York. They are “dedicated to highlighting the hyporcrisy and hilarity of human behaviour through sarcasm and satire.” TrustoCorp also place their rebranded goods in to stores under the noses of their unsuspecting proprietors.

Check out the website.


January 21st, 2011
Can Banksy Die?

Really interesting article on Vandalog about the death of Banksy. It would be unrealistic to think Banksy paints all his own art - he just would not have the time, and a big piece would need more than one person to complete. Vandalog goes on to say Banksy even hired sign painters in New York in 2008 to paint rats. So many artists have assistance in creating their work. Some artists complete work already partially created by the artist, while others create whole new pieces for the artist to simply sign. Just look at Andy Warhol and The Factory, where Warhol had teams of people producing his screen prints. It’s reported that Warhol did not even sign many of his pieces, instead an assistant signed them.

Does the use of staff take away from the artwork? Is a piece of art considered less valuable when it’s found to be that of an assistant rather than the artist? Is it the artist who comes up with the concept, or the person who executes it? Some very interesting questions, and by looking at design studios can we answer it? A design agency is made up of many people, but the output will always have the agencies name on it, rather than the individuals who created it. But then a design agency is a brand, and can live on after the founders leave. Has Banksy become a brand? Vandalog goes on to say ”The Banksy brand can continue to create artwork indefinitely with or without the original man behind the name”.

To read the full article head over to the Vandalog website:


November 7th, 2010
ryan shultz. artist

These works are amazing. This 27 year old who works mostly in the medium of oil painting is going to go on to great things. This series of paintings revolves around our “Culture of Excess”. His works are very graphic and photorealistic. Sometimes it is hard to believe that they were all painted by hand.

Check out Ryans website at for more great work.

Found via the website