June 2nd, 2011
De-Nile: Not just a river in Egypt

The power of language – brilliantly used by political protestors in Egypt. Also an interesting point raised by Neil Taylor of The Writer.

Neil reckons ‘business ideas live in words as well as images’ – a view we’d support as branding experts.

From Aborigines to the Ten Commandments, he illustrates how the right brand language can influence, direct, encourage and get results – both negative and positive! (For an example of how not to use brand language, watch a few episodes of The Office…)

Neil also raises some interesting differences between the brand language of Microsoft and Apple that are worth a look, courtesy of Wordle.

It’s an interesting topic, showing that branding isn’t just about visual identity. It’s about culture, character, personality and talking to your target market in the best possible way.

Check out his fascinating talk at http://www.economistconferences.co.uk/video/big-rethink-2011/5491


May 11th, 2011
When Big Brands get it Wrong

Everyone remembers the Pepsi Challenge, right? The taste test where blindfolded participants were asked to name their favourite cola, and Pepsi won? It was an episode that made every global brand sit up and pay attention.

In April 1985, Coke launched a new flavour. What’s so bad about that you might ask? Well, not much fundamentally. But their real mistake was scrapping the old one. And this is where brand loyalty really finds its legs. Americans were in uproar. Campaigns were launched and protestors took to the streets.

After some serious head scratching, Coke took a fresh look at the market research, and realised the error of their ways. They’d spent decades building up brand loyalty and associations. By taking away original Coke, they were taking away more than a product — consumers didn’t just like the taste, they’d bought into an ideology. 79 days later the original Coke was back in production.

Coke doesn’t have the monopoly on bad business decisions, however. Check out this article from BBC Two for more examples of when big brands get it wrong: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13285504 inspired by the new series, ‘Business Nightmares’.

This new foray into corporate clangers might be an education on what not to do in business but equally, it sends a pretty strong message about what to do after you’ve screwed up. Perhaps most significantly, it drives home the real power of branding. As one fan put it: “My oldest daughter is 22. Her first word was Coke. Her second word was Mommy”…


October 26th, 2010
turn over a new leaf. motion graphics

This motion graphics animation was created to persuade Californians to vote yes on proposition 19. The state of California may be making the sale and taxation of cannabis legal, supported by the CO2 extraction technology and the like. In times of recession and great debt on the economy many states and countries start to look for extra ways of taxing the population. By designing these new tax routes they hope to reduce their debt. Is this really a good idea or simply a reaction to debt which they can not see any other way of getting out of. Would the Government of the United Kingdom ever take such measures, how would this affect people in Birmingham?

It is a very nice motion graphics piece with plenty of nice design throughout. This graphics piece was created by the design studio I shot Him Because I loved Him, Damn Him. They are a San Francisco based design agency, check out their web site here: http://ishothim.com


June 17th, 2010


June 11th, 2010
bp oil disaster

The bp oil disaster began on the 20th of April 2010. Today the 11th of June, it is still gushing oil into our sea with no sign of it stopping any time soon. What have BP done? Big brands need to have ethical policies in place to stop disasters like this happening again. It seems all to often these brands think they are a law onto themselves. They must feel they can get away with almost anything. We as the consumer must turn our back on these brands and go somewhere else. It is only through reduced revenue and reduced customer loyalty will these big brands think before they act. We have long stopped using any BP station in Birmingham and others must do the same.


February 16th, 2010
designcharts. webdesign blog

“Webdesigners are the new rockstars” – good site for web site design inspiration.

As a creative design and branding agency in Birmingham we crete a lot of websites throughout the year. This is a fantastic resource for great inspiration. The are a lot of different websites on here, and from a lot of different agencies. From small freelance designers to big branding companies it takes a look at the best websites they created.

Check out the website here http://www.designcharts.com/


February 16th, 2010
rbg6. creative webdesign agency

Motion graphic designers from Sweden. The create great design for some big name brands

Check out their web site here http://www.rbg6.se/


February 16th, 2010
the district. graphic and webdesign studio.

The District a graphic design and branding agency from Cambridge.

We like their design and website http://www.thedistrict.co.uk/


February 16th, 2010
non-format. graphic and webdesign studio.

The brilliant Non-Format have added some new projects. Non-Format are a design agency creating some really nice graphics for some big brands.



February 15th, 2010
living climate change

A nice web site encouraging graphic designers to make videos about the effects of climate change. As a branding agency based in Birmingham we try to reduce the amount of paper waste we create. We do encourage anybody out the o do the same.

Check out the website here http://livingclimatechange.com/videochallenge/


February 12th, 2010
swissmiss. blog of a graphic designer

A blog about all things design. Full of inspiration and creativity. You can find all sorts on here, from small little ideas by freelance designers to weird and wonderfull creations by big branding agencies