June 8th, 2012
Graphic Design Posters

graphic design posters

graphic design agency posters

graphic design agency brum posters

We think these posters are just kinda cool! They are part of a self initiated project by Gary Nicholson to lift the spirits of designers. Each poster is a pun on typographic design or some other design element, more from this series can be viewed on his personal website, along with other work from his portfolio. We think these posters would look great in any design agency.


September 8th, 2011
Typo London

Design agency talks and events

Typo London, is happening this October 20–22. Three days of presentations spread over two stages, with some really big influential names from the design world giving lectures.

I attended a similar event to this in Dublin a few years ago. The fantastic Offset, which included some big international names and also some local Dublin talent. Speakers at the Typo London event include Neville Brody, Michael Bierut, Erik Spiekermann, Tony Brook  and Chip Kidd and many more.

Tickets are available from the Typo London website here but at £550 each it is not really open to everyone!

Now we are looking forward to seeing the line up for Offset 2012, hope the tickets are a bit more reasonable.


October 26th, 2010
turn over a new leaf. motion graphics

This motion graphics animation was created to persuade Californians to vote yes on proposition 19. The state of California may be making the sale and taxation of cannabis legal, supported by the CO2 extraction technology and the like. In times of recession and great debt on the economy many states and countries start to look for extra ways of taxing the population. By designing these new tax routes they hope to reduce their debt. Is this really a good idea or simply a reaction to debt which they can not see any other way of getting out of. Would the Government of the United Kingdom ever take such measures, how would this affect people in Birmingham?

It is a very nice motion graphics piece with plenty of nice design throughout. This graphics piece was created by the design studio I shot Him Because I loved Him, Damn Him. They are a San Francisco based design agency, check out their web site here: http://ishothim.com


September 27th, 2010
eco-graphics. vinyl print design.

These wall stickers are a really nice design concept, and they would suit any design studio. The were created to give a fun reminder to the amount energy and electricity we use. They are really simple black graphics, the stickers were created with eco-friendly self adhesive vinyl.

As a graphic design and branding agency in Birmingham we take environmental issues very serious. We try to recycle and re-use everything we can, these stickers are a friendly reminder we can always do more.

check out the website here: http://www.hu2.com/store/eco-reminders.html