January 26th, 2011
The Electric Car.

Some really interesting things happening in the world of electric cars. It seems there is a degree of excitement  to see who can produce a viable mass market solution. With oil prices up and the cost of fuel rising everyday it is only inevitable that the electric car will become a mass consumer product, and sooner than we may think.

Two really interesting videos above about this new push for electric by car companies. The first clip looks at who killed the electric car, the second clip follows the new emergence of a new breed of electric car. It follows the people who want to be the first ones to produce a fully electric and mass produced car for the public markets, and cars with credibility.

With the winner of the 2010 Automotive X-Prize being Li-ion Motors, they are using their 2.5 million dollar prize money to mass produce the Inizio. The Li-ion Inizio holds the distinction of being one of the first all-electric supercars. It can hit speed up to 170 MPH and with a range of 250 miles. With the fastest Inizio model going from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, this shows electric cars do have big capabilities. And the car looks good too, see the images below.

Unlike the Li-ion Inizio the Toyota Prius, is a hybrid car, which has both a petrol and electric engine. The Prius has been around since 2000 and with petrol prices going up this car is getting more and more popular. Perhaps these hybrid cars have paved the way for the full electric car. They have eased us into the idea that electricity is a viable alternative to petrol.

There is also some very interesting innovations into powering the electric car of the future. The eCoupled PowerSpot is a wireless charging device straight from a si-fi movie. Park your car over the PowerSpot and it will wirelessly charge over night.

With this new emergence of super electric car. Along with the new race to be the first mass produced consumer electric car, and all the new innovations in charging and battery life — it looks like the electric car is coming sooner than we may have thought.

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