October 31st, 2010
google slam. interactive viral marketing

Demo slam is a new web site by Google. The web site is designed to get the public to enter their videos using Google technology. Visitors to the web site judge the best of two videos and a winner is selected. The whole Google slam thing began not so long ago, and its designed to get the public more aware of the features which they offer, but to do so in a fun way. They hope to get people who would normal never watch a demo video watching the user generated content.

What I did find amazing was just how quickly these dodgy SEO guys got onto it. After typing in ‘google slam’ the first entry which came up was for an Search Engine Optimisation company, promising to make you the first result in Google every time. The actual Google web site is called Demo Slam.

Found via the web site: http://www.moinid.com/

Check out the Google web site here: http://www.demoslam.com