April 14th, 2011

Pretty amazing images of ghosts. Captured using new graphic techniques, these images are part of the 12:31 project. The story goes in 1993 a convicted murderer was executed, his body was given to science, segmented and photographed for medical research. In 2011 this project aims to put his body back together.

Check out the 12:31 project website for more information. And to see how they captured these images: http://www.project1231.com

Check out the website.


February 25th, 2011
Unless You Will. Photography journal

“Unless You Will is an online journal that showcases a vision within photo-based art. Our goal is to bring together a collection of notable photographers from around the world and present their work.”

We have been getting onto this photography based website for sometime now, there is some really inspiring images on there. The website updates monthly with fresh content from its contributing photographers.

Check out back issues and download the PDF from their website here: http://www.unlessyouwill.com/


January 22nd, 2011
William Hundley. Photography

Not too sure how William created these images but they look great. This set of images is entitled ‘Entoptic Phenomena’.

This set of images is entitled ‘Friends’. Check out William’s website for some more very interesting photographs.

His website can be found here: http://www.williamhundley.com

Found via the website: http://bumbumbum.me


November 23rd, 2010
Peter Funch. Graphic Photographer

Some really interesting photography by Peter Funch. Working in New York, but born in Denmark, he takes a lot of photos of his surroundings and the daily lives of people in the City. Taking many photos over several days he will then combine the images enabling him to take create image like the Screaming Dreamers above. Really nice website with plenty of images from his portfolio, definitely one to check out.

Check out his website here: http://www.peterfunch.com


November 4th, 2010
nick brandt. photography

Some really fantastic photography. I think these images are so striking and graphic, they really make you stop and look. The images of elephants that he has taken are amazing. The black and white images are very graphic to look at, the main focus point is the animal, each one almost posing for the camera. The composition of each photo is so well crafted you almost forget just how long it must have taken Nick to get the shots he wanted. A really dark, graphic and stunningly well produced set of images.

For more images by Nick visit his website at http://nickbrandt.com/

Found via the website http://abduzeedo.com


October 30th, 2010
navis. photography

Some great photography Navis, a photographer based in LA.

Check out the website here: http://www.navisphotography.com

Found via the web site http://lookslikegooddesign.com/


October 21st, 2010
J.R is the 2011 TED prize winner

J.R is the 2011 winner of the TED prize.

Having seen and posted about his work before I can see why J.R is the 2011 TED prize winner. He is an anonymous photographer and artist from Paris, and much like Banksy his work is filled with meaning. His work features the faces and life of local people in small villages and neighbourhoods across the world. He then posts these photographs very large scale around these villages, on their buildings and transport systems.

Being a Guerrilla artist he remains under the radar of the authorities. A lot of his art and designs are posted in places where the local people do not have access to art galleries. Bringing creativity and art to their neighbourhood. I would love to see some of his work closer to home, in and around Birmingham!

Check out the video and a talk with J.R on the TED web site hereĀ http://blog.ted.com/2010/10/20/meet-jr/