Woodview Community Centre
Woodview Community Centre came to us looking for a new branding package. So that we could get to the heart of their core values, we scrutinised the brief and then began as we do with every project — with mind maps. For Woodview, the mind map was bigger than usual — it needed to incorporate all the needs of a richly diverse community, taking into account young and old, male and female, religious beliefs and cultures. Our goal was to create something inclusive, where every local resident would feel welcome and involved — the result was a multifunctional, streamlined brand identity that worked for the community, as well as for the Community Centre itself.

Type Research
It’s amazing how the subtleties of a logo can have a significant psychological impact on its audience. So when we were choosing the font for Woodview, we wanted something special. In the end, it took us three days to select what we felt was the right font for this branding project — opting for ‘Sauna’ as the logotype, and ‘The Sans’ for body copy.
Logo Designs
The idea behind each logo is a message of positivity, fun, uniqueness, vibrancy and creativity. It needed to say 'we are different, we are unique'. We also wanted the logo design to be fluid, to be able to change for each group that use the Community Centre. Throughout the mind maps the idea of plus signs just kept coming up, which we feel works well for this project — it symbolises unity, togetherness, and more than one. The brand illustrates the bringing together of many components to create solidarity, and a unified positive whole.

Website Design
Once the logo was established it proved adaptable and versatile, amalgamating throughout the website design, marketing materials and business literature. It was a rewarding and exciting brand project and one which contributed to a charity portfolio which we hope to build consistently and long-term.