Terms and Conditions

At Stripeyhorse Creative we strive to create the best possible design outcomes for our clients, whether that’s branding graphic design, print design or websites. Our aim is to make the graphic design and branding process as fun and jargon free as possible, providing a rewarding and transparent service for our clients. These terms and conditions are designed to ensure these goals are fulfilled.

The Graphic Design & Branding Process

We understand that each client is unique which is why everything we design is tailored exclusively around your individual requirements. In order that we can provide this bespoke service, we operate flexibly in order to suit your individual needs although our core processes remain the same. The following information is designed to provide you with an overview of these processes, put in place to ensure you are getting the best possible design outcome from us, and to ensure we understand exactly what your needs are.

Step 1: Branding & Graphic Design Briefing
This briefing is an initial meeting for us to ascertain your specific requirements, goals and objectives and how we can help you achieve them. During this session we will seek to gain deeper knowledge about the core values of your business, details of your target market and your main competitors in order that we can best understand how to tailor our services around your needs. At this stage, the services you require from us will be discussed, outlined and agreed upon.

Step 2: Terms and Conditions
After the briefing, we will forward our terms and conditions to you to sign and return, as well as a breakdown of our services. The breakdown of services constitutes the formalized agreed scope of the project. Any additional design services you request that fall outside of the scope of the breakdown of services, will be quoted and charged for separately. Once you have signed and returned the Terms and Conditions, we will begin creating the initial concept design and draft graphics for your approval. At this stage of the process, we ask that you pay 50% of our overall costs.

Step 3: Graphic Design & Branding Development
The next step in the design process involves the further development of the concept design, and augmenting it into a mock-up of the final design. This stage is a collaborative process, which involves refining and retuning ideas until all parties are satisfied with the outcome. This is the point during which significant changes can be made, in as much as those changes fall within the scope of our agreed services (as specified and agreed in the Breakdown of Services provided in Step 3). If there is anything you feel is a problem, we should be informed at this stage, before the project progresses from development to production in Step 4.

Step 4: Graphic Design Production
With concept and design agreed upon, Step 4 sees the material production of all designs and websites. All final images and text will be incorporated into your design package, your website will be coded and search engine optimized, and the package will in its entirety be prepared to go live. At this stage everything is almost complete and only minor adjustments will be incorporated. Any major alterations or re-drafts requested during Step 4 will be quoted for separately and in accordance with our standard rates.

Step 5: Finalisation of Graphic Design & Branding project
This is where we sign everything off to print, or in the case of websites, publish the site so it’s ‘live’ and accessible. Step 5 is fundamentally post-production, in which only minor changes will be undertaken, the project is wrapped up and facilitated for you to continue with. At this stage, we ask for the final 50% of our overall fees for the project.

Print Design

As your graphic design agency, we are happy to manage print services at an additional charge of 15% to cover administration fees.

Website Design

As a full service graphic design agency, we also offer full website design and maintenance services. We create all kinds of websites from full Content management system websites to ecommerce websites.

We also offer a hosting package to our clients should you need us to arrange this for you. This hosting package will cost £40 a year. Your website domain name will be charged to you on a yearly basis. In the event that your website requires ongoing additions or alterations, we charge our usual hourly rate.

We keep all passwords and FTP information secure and safe. You have the right to know these passwords but we do not take responsibility if you distribute your passwords or other sensitive information to the wrong people. We do not take responsibility if your website goes down due to a server error.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Throughout steps 1 to 5 above, all copyright and the right to use any of our graphic design or website design outcomes belongs solely with us. When final payment is made to us we then transfer all copyright to your ownership.

Stripeyhorse Creative, as your graphic design agency, reserves the right to use any graphic or website design created by us for promotional use. This may include printed promotional material, inclusion on our website, in our printed or online portfolio, in bids for tenders, and any other form of publicity associated with us.

The Finer Details

Quotes given by Stripeyhorse Creative, as your graphic design agency will expire after 30 days.

If you wish to terminate any graphic design or website project with us once the Terms and Conditions have been signed, we issue a termination fee of £100. This is to cover any wasted time and costs incurred by us. If we feel the graphic design project is not working out in any way we also reserve the right to terminate the project at no extra cost to you.

All graphic design and website development projects must commence within 1 week of signing the contract and must not last longer than 3 months. This may change depending on how big your graphic design project is.

Print quotes are independent of design quotes and will always appear so in our quotes to you. You do not have to print with us but if you do decide to, all payment for the cost of print must be made before we send your files to the printers.

If significant changes to the graphic design brief need to be made during the project we will then re-access our quote. If you can not agree to our new quote the termination fee still applies.

All payments should be made within 14 days of us sending our invoice. Late fees of 10% apply.

Where you require us, as your website design agency, to purchase your domain name, this must be paid for before work on your website commences. Payment for print design also needs to be paid for before print commences.

If you give us, as your graphic design agency, any material, images or written material you must own the copyright to these materials. We do not except liability for breeches to copyright law in these cases.

As the client you are not allowed to re-sell any graphic design or website design we create for you as your graphic design agency.

As your graphic design agency we are not held responsible to the delay or delivery of any work that is due to the clients fault. Such instances may arise if the client is late signing off any proofs we may send them, or a delay in giving us the content we need to finish the graphic design project. Also, we cannot be held responsible for delays which are not our fault, for example, a delay in printing.

If the client needs to shorten a deadline after the signing of the contract we as your graphic design agency can not guarantee to meet this new deadline.

Agreed deadlines are for design of print materials and the publication of websites. We do not specify a deadline for print as this comes from a third party.

If you have any questions or queries about anything contained in this document please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification.