Decorating company
Ark Decorations, a commercial painting and decorating company, were looking to expand their already solid client base with a new brand identity and online presence. We created a contemporary, vibrant logo with the ability to incorporate a range of colours as part of the integral wallpaper design. As a continuation of Ark’s brand image, the website projected a colourful and engaging visual identity, communicating quality and professionalism to both commercial and private clients.
Restaurant Logo
This re-branding project for an Irish restaurant needed to be creative yet appeal to the local sensibilities. With the restaurant asking for something fresh and exciting, while still fitting the theme and interior, the new Bonnan Bui brand was created. A free flowing design, it has the ability to be viewed independently of the text below it, while still retaining its integrity. The new branding has guaranteed the restaurant's smooth visual transition into the 21st century.
Urbansprawl logo
Space is a problem every Government is confronted with as their populations increase en masse, worldwide. The Urbansprawl project is designed to generate debates that will lead us one step closer to a better solution. The branding is bold and unique, highlighting the problem through the coming together of squares. In opposition of flat, grey Government documents its attention-grabbing format is designed to bring life to a damaging trend with far-reaching consequences. A branding project which seeks to motivate, inspire and ultimately achieve unification in a common goal.

Community centre logo
When this city centre charity re-opened its doors to the local community with fresh goals and objectives, it needed a brand new visual identity to reflect that. The result was a versatile, adaptable logo design incorporating a bright and dynamic colour scheme. Not only did this represent the energy injected into the project, it engaged with the community in an inviting and friendly way while still conveying professionalism and reliability. Symbolising the coming together of local residents, while communicating the wide range of services and facilities available, the outcome was a fresh, invigorating brand identity for Woodview Community Centre, and an icon of unity for its local residents.
Fashion logo
Created for a jewellery and fashion designer, this logo represents the cool, modernistic identity our client injected into every design. The logo’s simplistic, monochrome style works as an extension of the products themselves — bold, chic and contemporary. With its polished and striking clarity, the logo operates perfectly as a symbol of individuality while retaining its integrity as a brand identity.
Energy company logo
In a growing and highly-competitive industry, Ecosun came to us for an invigorating brand identity. The logo was designed to create a powerful and unique presence in the marketplace, differentiating Ecosun from the competition while making a clear statement of quality and reliability. From their signwritten vehicles to the branded workwear and marketing literature, Ecosun’s logo worked hard to establish a trusted reputation and promote brand loyalty. You can read more about Ecosun in our website design section.
Exhibition display company
This logo for an American exhibition company is a slick, geometric design reflecting a strong industry presence and a reliable, professional service. The boldness of the logo is tempered by the subtle grey tones, while the split tabs can work independently or together as a streamlined brand identity. Its contemporary style portrays the modern, efficient, logistical approach with which Callan McMahon approaches every project.
Think logo design
More people of all ages are being diagnosed with dyslexia than ever before. The Dyslexia Association of Ireland needed to reflect this. Cue 'Th!nk' — a simple yet sophisticated branding concept created to reach the full spectrum of its target audience. Designed in a format sympathetic to its readership it uses bold colours and an accessible style that appeals to all ages. The posters drive home the point that dyslexia doesn't have to hold you back — just look what Einstein and Lennon achieved.
Cinema logo
This logo was created within a unique set of specifications. As a small subsection of a local cinema, The Box Office advertised its ticket collection service as a footnote. As such, the design needed to be simple yet bold, and retain visibility when reduced to small sizes for newsprint.