Brochure Design
Printed on lush newsprint, the engaging graphics in this college prospectus aim to entice school leavers away from their PS3s and into the Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Attention-grabbing inventiveness and creativity are boldly displayed in sharp graphics and evocative slogans. This is a simplistic yet inspiring piece of graphic design. It promotes, emotes and enforces that having a successful career doesn't have to mean growing up.
Campaign Material
Space is a problem every Government is confronted with as their populations increase en masse, worldwide. In Ireland the solution is to grow outwards and it comes at a heavy price — environmentally and ecologically. The Urbansprawl project is designed to generate debates that will lead us one step closer to a better solution. In opposition of flat, grey Government documents its attention-grabbing format is designed to bring life to a damaging trend with far-reaching consequences. A project which seeks to motivate, inspire and ultimately achieve unification in a common goal.