Movie poster
Entomology is probably a worthy cause but anything involving scalpels and rubber gloves is, frankly, creepy. Which luckily was the whole point of this advert for a local filmmaker. To capture the essence of the artfully produced Entomologist, the design was kept stark and clinical, a bit like the morally ambiguous lead character. A creepy poster for a creepy film.
We are electric
A fun poster design for a festival held each year in the Republic of Ireland, incorporating lots of bright colours associated with warmer weather and happy times spent outdoors!
Happiness poster
Designed to depict ‘a glass half full’ this poster portrays the positive side of a rainy day — being able to go indoors as a child and play with all your favourite rainy day toys!
Think poster campaign
More people of all ages are being diagnosed with dyslexia than ever before. The Dyslexia Association of Ireland needed to reflect this. Cue 'Th!nk' — a simple yet sophisticated concept created to reach the full spectrum of its target audience. Designed in a format sympathetic to its readership it uses bold colours and an accessible style that appeals to all ages. The posters drive home the point that dyslexia doesn't have to hold you back — just look what Einstein and Lennon achieved.
Urbansprawl Design
Space is a problem every Government is confronted with as their populations increase en masse, worldwide. In Ireland the solution is to grow outwards and it comes at a heavy price — environmentally and ecologically. The Urbansprawl project is designed to generate debates that will lead us one step closer to a better solution. In opposition of flat, grey Government documents its attention-grabbing format is designed to bring life to a damaging trend with far-reaching consequences. A project which seeks to motivate, inspire and ultimately achieve unification in a common goal.
Book promotion
There's nothing more uninspiring than a dusty reference book sitting inaccessibly on the library shelf. That's where 6 degrees comes in. Consisting of 25 colour coded books, each dedicated to a specific designer, 6 degrees is a vibrant collection of fast, accessible resources. Hard on facts and light on waffle, they're designed to provide a seamless study tool so students can spend less time in the library and more time doing what they do best, getting inspired their own way.