Woodview website design
As part of the Woodview branding package, we created a website design through which the Community Centre could connect with the local residents in Birmingham. It was important that the website fulfilled several important functions — not just as a portal for information but also a simple and functional tool through which the local residents could connect to each other and with the Centre. The new website design was part of a streamlined brand identity, representing a new and solid presence within the community and Birmingham, while also performing as a fun, interactive and engaging area which embraced all aspects of the local community.
Blackbox Design
Australian graphic and website design agency, Blackbox Design, were looking for an updated website to project their contemporary, professional service. The black background and white text reflected their aesthetic and tasteful style while providing an easy-to-navigate website. The overall result is a website that functions as a visually stimulating design while working as an optimised business tool for maximum results.
Ark website design
Ark Decorations, a commercial painting and decorating company in Birmingham, were looking to expand their already solid client base with a new brand identity and online presence. We created a contemporary, vibrant logo and website design with the ability to incorporate a range of colours as part of the integral wallpaper design. As a continuation of Ark’s brand image, the website design projected a colourful and engaging visual identity, communicating quality and professionalism to both commercial and private clients in Birmingham and beyond.
Fashion website design
When a fashion designer contacted us for help designing a website, we felt her creations sold themselves. As a result, the Contrariety Rose website keeps fashion centre stage, drawing attention to its tailored and stylised couture. The black background makes sure the eye is drawn to the bright fabrics and skin tones, while the ornate logo reflects the flowing lines and elegance of Contrariety Rose’s design. The overall effect is a chic extension of beautiful fashion design.
Ecosun website design
The branding package for Ecosun Solar was designed to create a significant presence in what is a highly competitive marketplace throughout Birmingham. Avoiding the colour green in order to differentiate the business from its competition, we chose colours to evoke an approachable image and a professional identity. Researching Ecosun’s target market revealed an older demographic with a stable income and a desire to remain in their existing homes into the foreseeable future. The branding package was designed around this, with the design of a functional website complete with copywriting, incorporating specialist tone of voice techniques. The branding package proved highly successful for Ecosun and a testimonial can be provided on request.